"Black Boxer"

I just felt compelled to write my thoughts and opinion on the
Black Boxer. The problem with this, of course, is that the
Boxer simply does not carry the gene for a black coat color.
One would think this would be the end of the discussion, but
the fact is there are boxers who appear black.  I have a
"black " boxer. She is really a "sealed brindle" that is where
her stripes have all closed together from lines of brindle
boxers in her background. But AKC does not call them black
and they are considered brindle.

They are beautiful and I'm not saying they don't exist. What I
am saying is according to the AKC there is no such thing as a
"true" Black Boxer. The AKC only recognizes reverse or
"sealed"  brindle ONLY AS BRINDLE, there are some
boxers that have such a deep reverse or "seal" that it can
look black, but if it is a true reverse brindle you will be able
to see the striping upon closer look some where on the
boxer. In the direct sunlight I can see a little fawnish color
on her, in her coat.
My concern is that the black boxer is coming into such a
huge demand that SOME (not all) breeders are producing
"black boxers" that are not all "true" boxers, they are being
bred with bulldogs, labs, Boston terriers, and other breeds,
then that litter bred to a reverse  boxer then that litter breed
to a reverse brindle till they are coming up with dogs that
"look" like a full blooded black boxers, Some of these
puppies are coming out Tricolored and some have longer
muzzles, smaller frames,  and other non boxer features. I just
want people to be aware that you can be scammed by this. I
know there are "black" boxers out there that are full blooded

The AKC explains the coloring of a boxer
I just wanted you to know about the black boxer, now you
can decide for yourself if you want to own one, they are
pretty, and that will be up to you. If you do get one that is  
AKC , You will find that it is not registered as "Black" but
brindle.  AKC does not have black on their list for boxers.
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This puppy is a REVERSE BRINDLE
you can see it looks almost black but
can clearly see the striping. Our Kissy
is reverse like this puppy.  This  IS
acceptable by AKC.
Echo, Our sealed brindle "black"
boxer. She is full AKC BOXER!